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Transport conditions will improve in the main highway
2010-08-20 10:42:00
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Highway A1 Vilnius - Kaunas - Klaipėda is an important cargo transportation corridor, which integrates in international transport routes, ensuring convenient Eastern-Western access. To improve traffic conditions, complex roadworks are carried out in the main Lithuanian highway. Many reconstructions are planned in the region of Klaipėda to ensure more effective cargo transportation from the sea port.

Resuscitating the most important transport corridor

The Vilnius - Kaunas - Klaipėda highway is constantly suffering from transport loads, so the asphalt must be renewed regularly. Despite that summer is the peak of cargo transportation activity, especially when traffic intensifies during holidays, the roadworks are very intensive. However, not everyone is happy about limited speeds due to reconstruction, especially cargo carriers and tourists, but complex highway works definitely help to improve transport possibilities, so that free cargo transportation and travel could be smooth in Lithuanian roads.

Road engineers have announced that traffic conditions have already improved between Vilnius and Kaunas, near Grigiškės, where 3 kilometers of highway were reconstructed. Also, works are halfway done near Elektrėnai, where reconstruction of viaduct over the highway is planned to be finished until the end of September.

Currently the road is being improved in various areas of the highway: renovations near Vievis, Kryžkalnis, and a 4.5 kilometer section near Vincentava.

Jakai roundabout reconstruction will regulate transport stream

Klaipėda is an important logistics center in Lithuania, as there are large quantities of free cargo, transported by sea, land, and railways. Cargo transport destination Klaipėda seaport - Kaunas, Vilnius, Minsk, Kiev is one of the most important transport routes. Drivers offering transport services in western Lithuania say that road conditions are constantly improving, but note the roundabout near Jakai as the most problematic area, where, especially during summer, large streams of transport are concentrated.

In attempt to improve commuting and cargo transportation conditions in the highway, the most intensive works are now carried out in Klaipėda. The reconstruction of Jakai roundabout involves building the longest viaduct in Lithuania, which will be 610 meters long and four-lanes wide. Other works near Jakai roundabout involve a reconstruction of 24 meter-long tunnel viaduct and laying more than 1 kilometer of new road. These works are planned to be finished until the end of November and significantly improve traffic and cargo transportation conditions in the region.

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