Earn Extra!

CargoTC.com Career - great opportunity for you to earn extra money!  Join our team and work together in CargoTC.com marketing field! We invite everyone to cooperate – businesses and individuals!

How does it work?

  1. Simple – become a registered CargoTC.com Career member (refer to “How should a person/company start”)
  2. Search for companies, which might be interested in CargoT.com Freight Exchange services. Register interested companies in a preset order (refer to “How to register interested companies”)
  3. If the company, which was registered by You, pays the annual fee, after the one month trial period, You will earn up to € 100 which we will immediately transfer to You!

How do I benefit?

You will earn up to € 100 for each new member registered by You, who has paid the annual fee. Thus, 10 new members and you  can earn up to € 1000 and this is not limit!

How should a company start?

All of CargoTC.com Exchange users (companies) already are "CargoTC.com Career" members. Therefore, a company in order to be "CargoTC.com Career" member, must become a user of CargoTC.com Exchange first (has to fill in the registration form "New member registration").

How should a person start?

  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. Sign and send to us Cooperation Agreement , which you will receive by e-mail
  3. By signing up at www.cargotc.com you’ll be able to use “My CargoTC.com Career” field and register new members.

How to register interested companies?

  1. Enter your cargotc.com username and password and click Login
  2. Click on "My CargoTC.com Career" in the member area
  3. Opens a "Register new CargoTC.com member" form - fill it
  4. Go to “My Recommendations” under “My CargoTC.com Career” where you’ll see all the registered members, their payments to CargoTC.com and payments made to you by CargoTC.com. Members, who failed to pay the annual fee upon expiration of the trial period, will be automatically deleted from this register.

Need more information - cantact us:

e-mail: sales1@cargotc.com , GSM: +370 699 59009
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