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Please confirm that you have read, and agree to the terms and conditions of use of CargoTC.com

Terms and conditions of use of

Cargo and Transport Center “CargoTC.com”

Effective as of 01-01-2010

1. Parties

These terms and conditions of the Cargo and Transport Center “CargoTC.com” (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) shall define mutual rights, obligations, liability and responsibility between:

Administrator – Private Limited Liability Company (UAB) Deklora, Žiedų skg. 6A, 91127 Klaipeda, Lithuania, in charge of administration of CargoTC.com posted on website www.cargotc.com and

User – natural or legal entity registered on website www.cargotc.com.

2. Subject Matter

The Cargo and Transport Center “CargoTC.com” (Cargo & Transport Center) operating on website www.cargotc.com (hereinafter referred to as the Site) and through electronic mail.

3. General Provisions

3.1. Services provided by CargoTC.com:

3.1.1. The principal service of CargoTC.coma is the opportunity by the User to post his Cargo and Transport Offers on the Site and by e-mail and get access to cargo and transport offers posted by other users. The User shall pay the subscriber fee of established amount for this service.

3.1.2. Additional free services provided by CrgoTC.com to Users include the company catalogue, forum, business calendar and other freely accessible services not mentioned herein.

3.1.3. Placement of advertising information and banners on the Site is payable and shall be approved with Administrator by a separate written agreement.

3.2. How the User gets familiar with the Terms:

3.2.1. When registering on the Site, a person must read the Terms and tick off confirming his acceptance. Otherwise, he shall automatically be barred from continuing registration and becoming User.

3.2.2. Following completion of registration, the Administrator will send confirmation of registration by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the User including resending of the Terms and specifying that usage of CargoTC.com services implies acceptance of all the Terms by the User.

3.2.3. The Terms shall be regularly posted in the User’s field “CargoTC.com rules”.

3.3. Notices and information given to the User by CargoTC.com. The User shall be deemed familiarized with any notice or information as of the date of placing the same on the Site and as of the moment of giving such notices or information by means of e-mail.

4. User

4.1. When using CargoTC.com services, the User shall follow: these Terms, any other terms and conditions placed on the Site (CargoTC.com Career, etc), usage rules and instructions, and current legal acts.

4.2. Undertakes to ensure security and confidentiality of the login data, i.e. user name and password provided to the User.

4.3. Undertakes to use the information made accessible to the User solely for his needs in accordance with direct purposes of CargoTC.com services and shall not disclose such information to any third parties for whatever reason.

4.4. The User shall be liable for accuracy and validity of the information posted by him as well as compliance with the direct purposes of CargoTC.com services.

4.5. The User shall undertake full liability for any material and intangible damage incurred to third parties as a result of non-performance of the terms referred to in 4.1 – 4.1 hereinabove, and shall indemnify for any loss in connection therewith.

5. Administrator

5.1. The Administrator shall confirm/motivate refusal to confirm registration of the User by e-mail within two working hours.

5.2. Shall provide assistance to the User during the office hours and through the contacts given on the Site.

5.3. The Administrator, in his sole discretion, shall be entitled to:

5.3.1. improve, modify the available and develop new CargoTC.com services;

5.3.2. send information, notices and offers to the User by means of e-mail;

5.3.3. remove any information of the User, which does not meet the requirements of clause 4.4. Note: Cargo and Transport offers will be automatically deleted upon expiration of the period of validity (“Shipping date until”), except urgent offers which will be deleted after 24 hours from the moment of input;

5.3.4. terminate provision of CargoTC.com services to the User, provided the User fails to meet his obligations.

5.4. In no event will the Administrator be liable for:

5.4.1. any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to any direct, incidental, consequential or other indirect damages incurred by the User arising out of the use of the information posted by CargoTC.com;

5.4.2. the period when the User is unable to use CargoTC.com for the reasons beyond the Administrator’s control; as a result of maintenance and preventive maintenance of the Site and server notice whereof has been given to the User in advance; due to failures which are detected/notified by the User to the Administrator during normal working hours and which are eliminated within 48 hours; in the event of termination of provision of services to the User due to failure by the User to meet is obligations.

6. Payment

6.1. Each new User will be given a 30 (thirty) calendar day free of charge trial period. The same person will not be given the trial period in the case of repeated registration.

6.2. CargoTC.com monthly subscription rate EUR 10.00, VAT excluded.

6.3. Invoices shall be issued for the 12 (twelve) month period in advance, such period shall start as of the next day after expiration of the free trial period or the paid period.

6.4. Invoices will be issued in electronic format and sent to the e-mail address/es given upon registration.

6.5. Advance payment invoice will be sent within 7 (seven) days prior to expiry of the trial or paid period. In case of failure by the User to pay by invoice within the aforementioned 7 day period, usage of CargoTC.com shall be terminated.

6.6. In the event of termination of usage of CargoTC.com by the User, the paid fee shall not be returned.

6.7. In his own discretion, the Administrator may change the rates applicable to the services by giving at least 30 (thirty) calendar day notice to this effect to the User. Prepaid-term rates remain unchanged.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1. These Terms, including any later revision and amendment communicated to the User in the procedure set firth in 3.3 hereinabove, shall come into effect as of the moment of acceptance thereof by the User in the procedure defined in 3.2.1 and/or 3.2.2 hereinabove, and shall be effective for the entire period of usage of CargoTC.com by the User.

7.2. The User shall be entitled to terminate use of CargoTC.com at any time subject to notice given to the Administrator by e-mail or any other written medium.

7.3. Any disputes between the Parties shall be resolved in the procedure established by laws of the Republic of Lithuania; the court venue shall be Klaipeda.


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