Have a free cargo but cannot find suitable transport?

You can solve this problem by going to “New cargo” section and placing your cargo offer there. CargoTC.com cargo and transport exchange has a large variety of cargo offers: from small boxes to large oversize cargo. In the extended cargo search you can define cargo transportation conditions, size, type, weight, etc., and you will find a suitable cargo transportation offer. CargoTC.com users get detailed information, so searching for cargo transportation offers is fast and simple.

In CargoTC.com cargo and transport exchange the free cargo offers are regularly renewed. Cargo carriers constantly provide information about their available free vehicles. By offering your cargo, here you will find a suitable vehicle to transport it without any problems. CargoTC.com has gathered a wide circle of reliable carriers, so your free cargo transportation will be in reliable hands and cargo transportation geography - wide.

You can also find transport offers for transportation of your free cargo in our transport search by defining what kind of transport interests you.

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