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Why Join Us?

CargoTC.com Freight Exchange is designed specially for you if any of the below points are of interest to you:

Cargo and Transport Offers – you may post your offers on available cargoes or available transport or search for such offers posted by other users.

Cargo and Transport Offers in Your E-mail – you may subscribe to and receive offers that are of your interest only directly to your email address.

CargoTC.com E-mail Service – facility to exchange and share information with all CargoTC.com users groups according to language directly to your email address;

Personal Work Calendar – you may plan, schedule and put in the tasks, which at your request will be reminded to you (by sending a message directly to your email address). Do not fear for safety – the information submitted will be accessible only to you – no one else (even your co-workers) shall not have a chance to see it. So go ahead and plan your working day here!

CargoTC.com Chat – you may directly talk to the CargoTC.com Freight Exchange users who are logged in without waste of your time and money!

CargoTC.com Career – by using the CargoTC.com Freight Exchange you will be able not only find the relevant information (required cargo or a vehicle for shipping it) but also make additional money by advertising CargoTC Exchange and thereby attracting new users to the CargoTC.com Freight Exchange. For more information go to CargoTC.com Career.

Route Planner is an easy and practical way to estimate distances for required transportation.

Company Catalog – here you will find the contact details of the company registered with the CargoTC.com Freight Exchange and search for the company doing business that interests you.

Combined transport - an effective way to exchange actual information about offers to combined transport participants: carriers and expeditors by sea, air or railway transport, and cargo owners.

Forum is a tool for development and consolidation of the CargoTC.com community providing the ground for discussions on current topics in transportation area and mutual help.

News – you may post and read the latest relevant information related to logistics.

Have fun! – if you are tired of work just take a break and have fun reading jokes that you’ll find here. Share your good spirits with others and make your contribution!

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